Friday, August 8, 2008

Today's Mood = Disgruntled

It's August. Seriously, WTF.

-I have YET to really go swimming in my parents Lake.
-I have NOT enjoyed very many barbeques on our deck, or anyone elses for that matter.
-I have BARELY gone bike riding on my normal paths through out Lake County.
-I feel like our vegetable garden is TORTURING me by s l o w l y ripening one tomato at a time.
-I don't have a great tan. You can KEEP your skin cancer comments.
-I lost my iPod in March somewhere between my in-laws and my house...and STILL cannot find it. So my Summer 2008 Playlist?? FUCKING GONE.
-I can barely leave Mr. Broken Pelvis' side without feeling like a BIG JERK, so any hope for Summer Activites for the last 3 weeks and for the next week are hopeless.

And much, much more.
Growling, Grumble, Grrhh, Spit, Hissssssss.


Dawn said...

I'm sorry, Kristin. It will get better. I hope you can get some "me" time soon and that things start to improve rapidly for Trevor. I am thinking about you.

Kristin C. said...

Thanks Dawn. I appreciate your thoughts and hope to see you soon. I know you're busy...but we really should try to hang now that we live so close to one another!!