Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Things I'd like to accomplish by the Fall:

1) Exercise 4 times/week
2) Save money every month
3) Be a patient wife and mom and daughter and friend and employee (sheesh!)
4) Do the laundry and then fold it and then put it away.
5) Let go of things I do not need.
6) Lose weight. For the LOVE of God.
7) Run a 5 or 10K for my 30th Birthday in September.

Things I'm doing to reach these goals:

1) Bought a new TRX to train on in my home. Starting a new running program.
2) Subscribed to husband and I are working on this together.
3) Working through some issues...this one is FOR sure a work in progress.
4) I hate laundry.
5) Began purging my attic rid of a huge bag of things. Garage sale in July.
6) Starting The Fresh Diet for one month to jump start my weight loss and begin to re-learn portion control as well as rid my diet of sugar. Because I am a sugar addict.
7) Ugh. I love running....but my weight is making it hard to do. Slow and steady with this one.

Any ideas or encouragement welcomed and needed!