Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Things I'd like to accomplish by the Fall:

1) Exercise 4 times/week
2) Save money every month
3) Be a patient wife and mom and daughter and friend and employee (sheesh!)
4) Do the laundry and then fold it and then put it away.
5) Let go of things I do not need.
6) Lose weight. For the LOVE of God.
7) Run a 5 or 10K for my 30th Birthday in September.

Things I'm doing to reach these goals:

1) Bought a new TRX to train on in my home. Starting a new running program.
2) Subscribed to husband and I are working on this together.
3) Working through some issues...this one is FOR sure a work in progress.
4) I hate laundry.
5) Began purging my attic rid of a huge bag of things. Garage sale in July.
6) Starting The Fresh Diet for one month to jump start my weight loss and begin to re-learn portion control as well as rid my diet of sugar. Because I am a sugar addict.
7) Ugh. I love running....but my weight is making it hard to do. Slow and steady with this one.

Any ideas or encouragement welcomed and needed!


samantha said...

You'll do great!

Let me know how you like interesting! I like the big huge pie graph--that's more my speed when it comes to finances.

Kate said...

I need to do, like, ALL of these things! Just take it one day at a time. If you have minor set backs remember not to let go of your goals all together (that's my biggest problem!!) and best of luck, you can do it!