Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buy nothing new for a month??

I've decided to try the "buy nothing new for a year" thing....but only for a month. I thought I'd give it a try...and try it month by month on a trial basis. Maybe I'll make it 2 months, maybe I'll make it a year.

I walked into Target to return a bunch of shirts and random crap I had bought last week while my husband was away. I realized that I didn't need these things and that the money was better off in my account. I realized that while I give my husband a hard time for spending money on large ticket items...I do a lot of frivolous spending of my own.

At the end of the 4 weeks I'm going to compare my bank statements and see what a dent my "latte, target, pottery barn, gap, old navy, jamba juice, eating out, ebay, etsy-factor" has on our pocketbooks. I'll probably want to curl up into a ball with nausea when I see it....but it will be a good reality check.

Tell me, have any of you ever tried anything like this before?


Kate said...

I'm very interested to hear how this goes. I've never done it, but have thought about it and TALKED about doing it lots of times!

I can also completely agree with the whole, giving the husband a hard time on big ticket items things while I make daily coffee runs and trips to Target without a blink of an eye. I think I too have finally realized lately just how quickly all those little purchases add up.

Anonymous said...

I did this for three months last year, and it was both really eye opening and really good at helping me break some bad habits of mindless spending on stuff that's "not that much" but which really adds up. I feel like now, almost a year later, I'm still being much more mindful of my purchasing, which was the whole goal. Good luck!

painterjoy said...

Good luck, and good thinking! I think we do, as a society, spend so much on needless things because we can. I to am inspired by you, and want to hear how it goes!

I think I did that for most of my struggling artist adult life until I found a good paying job when I was 30. Salvation army and thrift stores, even side of the road stuff, was my shopping mall. I used to stock up on the leftover bagels from the weekly manager's meetings at the art store. Sigh.
When I got a real job, I was addicted to Marshall's. I thought that was big time.
Now I am buying like crazy for baby. Does that count?