Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick update

My liver enzymes have come down from the 70's and are now in the 50's. The perinatologist said that he doesn't start to get worried until they are in the low 100's. My blood pressure is great and I have no swelling. And only 15lbs gained so far. The doc took a nice long look at the baby...they measured a million different things....the baby weighs 3lbs and is about a week ahead in growth (actual weeks: 28 and 4 days, measured at 29 and 4 days). Baby looks great, no issues to speak of!
Trevor is convinced he saw a little penis in the very beginning, so we'll see.

I'll stil be on light duty at work, but can continue with my 30 minute walks, yoga, and prenatal massage.

Thanks for the mojo!


Kate said...

Awesome news!! So glad things are looking good.

PS When Collin and I walked out of our ultrasound we both said that we thought we saw a penis too - then I convinced myself we were nuts - now I'm wondering if we really did see it??

Kristin C. said...

Thank you, Kate, for your thoughts and prayers. I KNOW they help...especially after last July (Trevor's balcony incident) and this past winter (the thigh TUMA fun).

Also...even though we just want a healthy baby, we DO secretly sort of root for a boy. So thanks for the little penis story ;-)

madness rivera said...

Hi KC, so glad to hear things are growing right along. Hooray for low liver enzymes and possible little penises -- wait . . You know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are looking up!

Maggie said...

Glad to hear things are progressing well! Keep baking away!

Kristin C. said...

Thanks for the love ladies!