Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Before...

Here are the dreaded before pictures...although, when I look at them, they aren't SOOO dreadful. The only one that really makes me cringe is the rear end shot. But, is what it is...and I never have to look at it anyway.

These pictures were taken this morning before going to my yoga class at Nirvana Yoga in Barrington. The form of yoga that this studio practices is primarily Vinyasa, which I love.

Yoga has been a great way to kick-start my fitness quest. When I finished nursing school in December, my brain had melted into goo....and my body was a heap of exhaustion. I WANTED to go to the gym and start into a regular schedule, but I could not muster up the strength. That's when I decided to start yoga. Nirvana is one of two studios in Barrington, I chose it simply because I know someone who used to teach there and figured if it was good enough for her...surely it would be good enough for me. I went to a class...loved the instructor...and bought an unlimited monthly pass. The pass was costly but I used some of my graduation money to pay for the first month and will use a bit more to pay for a second when the time comes. I think after two months of daily (or 4-5 x/ week) yoga, I should have a good handle on it and from there I'll pay for individual classes or get a package of 10 to use as needed.

Many times the instructor will ask us to set an intention for class. 9 times of 10, I focus on finding strength in my body and peace in my heart (a phrase I picked up on my first day that I can't seem to shake). After I left the first class I sat in my car and tried to make a call on my cell phone...and the piece of crap wouldn't work. I got ready to curse and throw it when I remembered.....*peace in my heart*. So instead of committing an act of violence, I looked at my phone and said, "thank you cell phone, for allowing me to make important calls wherever I want....whenever I want....mostly".

Namaste :-)

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Miss Atomic said...

Peace in my heart is a mantra everyone can and should follow. Thank you again for sharing your journey! xoxox-jenni

dizzle rivera said...

Dude, I think you're hot, but I appreciate wanting more vitality, lower blood pressure and strength.

Thanks again for the tips on the hip flexor. They're golden! And so are you. You're so gonna kick this challenge's ass.

Kristin said...

Thanks Madness! Your positive comments have put a spring in my step! I am going to go to go to yoga today thinking..Dude! I'm Hot!

No problem on the flexor advice..I am always willing to help a fellow marathoner in need.

Marie Green said...

We have very similiar body types. I don't know if I'll be posting pictures or not...

Also? It (quite literally) has not been ABOVE zero here for weeks. Working out outside is simply not an option for me (some people do it... not me). I have 3 kiddos, so gyms are not an option- there are none in my area that provide childcare. So for now I'm stuck w/ my treadmill, WHICH I HATE, and also it's in the garage, so it needs to be brought in the house. (Garage= nearly as frigid as outside).

These are not excuses... just obstacles to my motivation that frustrate me!

Unknown said...

Samantha sent me over! Welcome to the blog world!

and P.S. how tall are you? Our body types seem similar!