Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things That Need To Get Done Before The New Human Arrives: A List

I'm trying to nap and all my mind can do is bounce from room to room in my house thinking of all the crap that needs to be accomplished before July 16th. Actually before May let's say, just in case the wee one throws a monkey wrench in my face and decides he/she wants to some early or do naughty things to make me lay around on bed rest for 2 months or something. Luckily, my in-laws will be at their home in Florida for the winter and we will be moving into their house that is just 10 minutes away to stretch our legs. We do this every winter, it's a nice break from our little house.

So here is my TO DO list from mid-January to May in all of its likely boringness.

1) Clean the garage
2) Paint the deck
3) Paint the trim on the new sliding glass door
4) Organize our office area and files
5) Reorganize the cabinets in dining room and kitchen
6) Build a pantry in the basement for overflow from the tiny cabinets
7) Make room in one of these tiny cabinets for baby stuff
8) Dry Clean oriental rug in living room
9) Organize and create a system in our hall coat closet
10) Organize our attic
11) Build bookcases for overflow books in the attic
12) Re grout and seal the tile in the shower, seal around the tub, install a new window in the shower
13) Organize the bathroom and linen closet, get ride of products that haven't been used in years..also make room for new humans bath stuff
14) Paint nursery, hang shelves, buy furniture
15) Go through closets in both guest room and master bedroom....somehow put all of our clothes in our room and an overflow wardrobe in the basement
16) Hang shelves and new photo collage in our bedroom
17) Find lampshades for stupid lamps I bought 2 years ago for 5 dollars each at Anthroplogie and have yet to find shades that fit.
18) Clean and organize basement
19) Clean and create a nice laundry room space...I hear I'll be doing even more than I do now. I think I need to hire a laundry gimp who lives in my basement.
20) Donate or sell all the items we purge from our house at the family garage sale this summer.

This will be me in no time:


Kate said...

Holy Cow woman are you ambitious! If I got 3 of these things done I'd be feeling good!

Based on experience :) I would say planning on getting these done by May is a good idea. Do you know I still have a good 50-60 shower thank yous to write? I have NO idea when THAT is going to get done. I thought I still had 4 weeks!

Anonymous said...

I can't IMAGINE why you'd think bed rest would be a possibility, seeing as how you've never witnessed someone going bat-shit crazy at NOT being able to get through The Nesting List Of Doom.

Oh, wait.

Yes, May. Good idea. And I'll totally help with what I can. Because I know. Oh. I know.