Sunday, June 14, 2009

Delicious nutty chocolate spread from heaven....

Today.....I cut a ice cream sandwich in half and then spread nutella and peanut butter on the open faces of vanilla. It was better than the best. It was unreal. blood pressure is elevated. So I'll be spending the rest of the pregnancy relaxing at home. No more hospital, which actually makes me sad :-(
But I've gotta get this baby to 37 weeks....I'll be 36 this coming like a week and half of extra super caution. Luckily everything is just about ready around here. Maybe I'll bust out some nursery pics for you to pass the time away.


samantha said...

Stupid stupid blood pressure!

Let me know if you need anything.


Val said...

Samantha sent me over to say hi and wish you lowering BP vibes. :) I had high BP with both my PGs, pre-e with my first. Went into labor at 37wks exactly. All was well with her, I got a mag drip that evening to bring my BP down.

Lay on your left, drink as much water as you can stand to, and don't do much of anything. Lay lay lay. I was on modified bedrest with my 2nd and it really helped keep things in check.

Good wishes to you from someone who's been there. :) <3

Kate said...

Hang in there Mama and stay cookin' baby! Put your feet up and relax for the next couple of weeks - no more climbing ladders!! :)

I'm getting so excited to find out if it is a boy or a girl!

Maggie said...

Sending good baby baking vibes your way! Nursery pics would be great! And as crappy as it is to be on bedrest, take this time to order your husband around to do stuff for you. It doesn't happen very often, well at least for me. :) Ha ha