Thursday, August 6, 2009

Smooshy Squooshy Fussy Mussy

We are in the midst of a "fussy stage" right now. Yowzaahs. Won't sleep in her bassinet, or her swing, or her bouncy chair. Only on her mama's chest. Oh....and on the hammock. Which was made of a pretty striped canvas-y type material purchased at IKEA last year and left outside to rot all today when I sat on it for the mafizillionth time in the last week to quiet my fussy muss, it half. My ass bone landed on a very hard root and Elkey began to scream even louder. It was great. Then I tried to go for a walk with her in the stroller to my local sandwich shop to get a delicious lunch....but the screaming did not end and I was forced to retreat back home. Hungry and wired with fussy baby frenetic energy.

Deep Breaths...........


Kate said...

Oh this picture is priceless! Sorry to hear about you ass bone, that does not sound like fun at all.

I don't think I've ever admitted this to anyone but I remember going through a stage with Keaton that I just prayed he'd stay sleeping because if he was awake, he was fussing. With the smiley, giggly baby we have now it is hard to remember those days. It will get better, I promise. Just hang in there!

samantha said...



Maggie said...

I LOVE this picture, not just because of your face but it looks like the husband is going to work and escaping all of this. He just looks too happy and well-rested. :) It does get better!! :)

madness rivera said...

Oh man, yea . . .Maya, when she was about 4 weeks (?), she decided to commit herself to a period we call Crying Time. Every night around 7ish, she would cry for about 2 hours straight. It was so awesome. She did this for about a month, maybe it was longer. I dunno. It's a crazed blur now. We tried everything. One time we accidentally put on Boyz 2 Men's "Thank You" and she stopped for 5 minutes to listen. She was all, Hey Boyz 2 Men are cool. Then back to crying. We put on Boyz 2 Men every night from then on and for 5 minutes we'd get no crying. We felt triumphant.

Definitely hang in here.

painterjoy said...

Dear God, she is beautiful, even all squawky like that!

Just remember that with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the babies do, it is always TEMPORARY!!
She is still such a brand new wee one. So many changes, stimuli, growing, it must be so overwhelming for their sensitive selves.

I read that human babies are born 3 months early so our gigantic heads fit through the tiny pelvises. And so for the first three months of life, they really crave and need to be enveloped by you like an exterior womb. I tend to agree with this.
Does she sleep wrapped in sling or Moby? I heard that has changed lives. Try the Baby Whisperer methods, too: side swinging, swaddling, shhhsshhhing, and gentle shivering movements. It helped Aidric calm down. Oh, and bouncing on a yoga ball.

You are not alone by a long shot. And the fact that it does get so much easier probably doesn't help you right now, but we all are here to help and listen!