Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ummmm. Hiya. I am updating from my iTouch while breast feeding in my very dark bedroom which is completely disheveled....much like my life is. Did you know that while babies are adorable and breathtaking and lifechanging and totally the best thing ever..... They are also really hard and also flabbergasting?

I am tired. And I start work Monday. And that kills me. Not the tired part (although I am sure that IS killing me softly) but the work part. I will miss the shit out of my baby girl. My heart is breaking.

That is all for now.


samantha said...

I love you. You can do this. It will be hard, but it does get easier. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I wish I could be there to hug you and hold your had ALL DAY LONG.



Kate said...

Oh man. This is so hard. My heart aches for you. It will get easier, I promise it will. But it still sucks. You are in my thoughts today!