Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weigh In - Week 5


Current Weight: 183
Pounds lost this week: 0 lb
Pounds to Goal Weight (150): 33.1
Total Weight Loss: 3.9 lbs ( still 12 ish sticks of butter)

After 2 weeks of ridiculous eating habits....my weight has stayed THE SAME! HALLELUJAH!!! This next week, I am going to rock it out. It's going to be weight loss city around this joint. Stay Tuned!

On an even more exciting note- my very best friend in the whole wide world Samantha Jo Campen of this blog just gave birth the her new little boy last night at 8:03pm. It's she and her husbands first child, Theo. I am so proud of her...she is such a strong woman and has gone through a lot this last month with pre-term labor issues, but now all is well and I am going to get to meet him today after work! Yeah!


Maggie said...

I wish I could go see baby Theo. I am sick (everyone in our house is) so don't want to get him or Sam sick. Yay Sam!

Swistle said...

Is he as cute as his photo? He looks like a TOTAL DOLL.