Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And this anger is after and HOUR AND A HALF OF YOGA.

I am the woman gritting her teeth behind you in line at Target as you bust out your CHECKBOOK and proceed to use six g-damn gift cards.

I am the one burning a hole in your back with my beady little eyes as you take your sweet ass time WRITING OUT A CHECK.

Seriously? You are the same age as me! You MUST have heard of these things called DEBIT CARDS. My God, woman. I am baffled by you. I want to rip that checkbook out of your hands and burn it. RIGHT HERE ON THE CONVEYOR BELT.
I bet those stupid ass checks have puppies and/or kittens on them.


Who is still doing this? WHO, besides my Mother??


Kate said...

Ha! I love this! Collin and I react the SAME way to check writers! Ugh. So frustrating.

samantha jo campen said...

Next time try two hours.

Kristin C. said...

Are YOU one of the WHOREBAG check writers!??! You MUST be. No amount of yoga could soothe this anger.

samantha jo campen said...

Okay FINE. Sometimes I HAVE to write a check okay?!? Because the baby is sucking out my brains and I get up to the register and realize my debit card is at home!! AHH!

paintrly1 said...

I wonder sometimes if folks do things like that just to get attention. They are looking for a fight, waiting for someone to say something so they can go off.
Happened to me once. This lady tried to inch her shopping cart in front of mine, like I wasn't going to notice. I asked her if she was trying to get in front of me, and she turned into screaming banshee on crack. I left my basket and went home.
I just imagine that the person doing the annoying thing is my Grandma, who has Parkinson's, and I can forgive them so much easier. Helps with bad drivers too.

And, yeah, what on earth are 'checks'?

Miss Atomic said...

it's the coupons that piss me off. just thinking about the amount of time wasted clipping the stupid little things. As they stand in the checkout line going through their tacky little coupon clutch muttering "I just know I have a coupon for that". All to save 25 cents on a jumbo box of hostess twinkie lites.

I'm certain that if the engineers at Exon could harness the collective energy output by coupon clippers and check writers we could lessen our dependency on fossil fuel in a year.

I'm sorry for the long-winded rant. know how I am about such things.