Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life Changes

So. Trevor and I want to move sooooo badly. We've lived in our great little 1940's Cape Cod that is so cute for four years now...our first house together. However we are feeling so cramped and we want to get into a little bigger of a home before we start having kids. The problem is the shit-ass housing market. We wouldn't get what we paid for this house. That sucks. Also, we need more of a down payment to move up into a larger home. To get to that point quicker we have come to the conclusion that we need to rent our home and *cough* moveinwithmyinlaws.


This has been a hard option for me to comprehend. I am a grown ass woman. I think of waking up in the morning with oily skin and a squirrels nest for hair and walking down to the kitchen with no bra on, running into my father-in-law and I want to fall over and die. I think of coming home after a 12 hour nursing shift wanting to flop down on the couch and instead having to retreat to "my room" like a 16 year old. Not that common spaces wouldn't be available for our use...but sometimes you just want to be alone with a beer and HGTV and not have your mother-in-law asking if you want a cup of tea and and hour of "Dancing With The Stars".

On the up side we would live there for 12 months. 4 of those months they would be in FL at their winter place. We would save a crap ton of money. In the end we would be in a bigger house and possibly have an investment property (our current home).

My in laws are awesome people...very generous and kind. We are lucky to even have this option. Also, if it were my parents house we were moving into I would feel just as light hearted about this decision as Trevor does. The thought of it all just takes some getting used to.

I'll keep you updated.


Kate said...

My first reaction when reading this is "do it" - move in with your in-laws, save the money, and in a year get your new house. 12 months will go fast, especially if 4 of those you have the house to yourself. But, I know that is easy for me to say and I completely understand your hesitation.

Before our house was ready for occupancy we had to live with my in-laws for about a month. I realize that's alot less time then a year, but still, I have say it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn't bad at all and I had all of those same fears!

Good luck with whatever decision you make!

paintrly1 said...

I say,"DO IT!" too. We live in Los Angeles, and the average price for a house where we are is about $700,000. So we are looking at condos and they start at about $300,000. And that is for a 800 sq. ft. condo.
Anyway, if I had the opportunity to get a house, I wouldn't hesitate! 8 months living with in-laws is worth 30 years in a great house! Our parents live 3000 miles away, so we wouldn't even have this chance.
You are fortunate to have them nearby and willing to have you live there.

But I know this is a very tough decision for you two. I hope you find that perfect, lovely house to make your home, your nest. Good luck!

Kristin C. said...

Both of you are so right. It really helps to hear your point (s) of view on this. I know that it is the best decision....the more it sinks in the better I feel about it.

madness rivera said...

It's old school and communal! In a year you could squirrel away lots o money, which is awesome.

Good luck either way.