Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week One of Bathing Suit Challenge!


It's been one week in the Bathing Suit Challenge and I am doing great. Each week I will expose a little bit more of my body and update you on my progress as I get ready to post the whole she-bang on June 23rd!

Week One: I began working out more regularly and eating better

Starting Weight: 187.3

Current weight 183.3

Total weight lost 4lbs
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paintrly1 said...

Ohh-la-la! That is one crazy sexy foot. What a great cyber-strip-tease idea and a turn-on.
I have done the crazy diets and detoxes, even the lemonade fast three times. I admire anyone who can do it. I'm not sure I ever will again. I stick to a big menu of healthy foods now. I am just glad this diet doesn't make you suffer. Enjoying healthy food is one of the best things we can do for ourselves!

Kate said...

Ha! This cracks me up, I love it!

Great job on Week 1. I have to confess, I've always wanted to do a detox diet but have just never actually done it. I'm not sure if I'm scared of failing or what? How long does this one last? I'm excited to hear more about it.

Good luck with Week 2!!

Melissa said...

The photo cracked me up.
Congrats on doing so well in the first week!

Kristin C. said...

I'm glad I could amuse you all!

Thanks for your support...keep checking up on me if you get a moment!

madness rivera said...

Good for you, girl. Your ankles are hot!

samantha said...

You're a nut.
Show 'em your crazy second toe!!!

Anonymous said...

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