Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 3 of Vacation

Meg woke me up with a delicious breakfast of eggs, veggie sausage patties, bagels, and rosemary potatoes. We drank french press coffee and slowly woke for the day.

We drove into downtown Asheville, did some shopping at Malaprop's Bookstore, and drank lattes. It was a beautiful day for a casual city stroll and good conversation. She is one of my most genuine and favorite friends....writing this makes me feel a little sad that we can't be together more often. Then I was introduced to the wonderful world of Amazing Savings: "One of Asheville's best kept secrets. Organic and natural foods at 50% to 80% off because they are either almost out of date or they are out of date or just overstocked." Can you even believe this? We bought stuff there for $.99 that you would buy at the regular grocery for $5.00!! They had my cereal, luna bars, organic fruits, veg, spices!!! It was insane the discounts to be found there! I would be SET FOR LIFE if I had one around my house. Can you imagine..Trader Joes AND Amazing Savings?!

After I was all riled up from money saving we decided to wind the hell down with some drinks and sunshine at the Root Bar and played Root Ball, a game I had heard a lot about from Meg but had never played. It's a super fun and easy outdoor game. The day was true blue summer....with sand between our toes on the court, dogs frolicking under foot, good beer in hand and lots of friendly folks.

Then. Then! The grand finale of the day: we went to Empire Tattoo (the birthplace of several of Meg's gorgeous tattoos) and I got this delightful treat with my sweet husbands blessing from across the country. It was kind of a spur of the moment...but not really. I had wanted this tattoo for a long time, but with a peony bloom. However, I'll soon be getting a larger piece with peonies and I didn't want to be the incredible peony tattoo lady. So, I changed the flower to a branch of the Tulip Poplar tree, a beautiful sight I had only seen in Asheville. The day before I went a little nuts and took a million pictures of one on campus. In memory of this great trip: the branch and bloom. And the quote: from memories of a childhood filled with Cat Stevens records, a line from my all time favorite song in life, "The Wind". (not great quality sound in this link, but the best I could do).

Big Happy Smiles.


painterjoy said...

Your accounting of this visit is so wonderful. My favorite things, too: Yummy breakfasts, leisurely days, book stores, cocktails, and bargains.

Very nice tattoo! It's unique and meaningful. I hope it didn't hurt too much. I would think the top of the foot would be so sensitive!

Kristin said...

Thanks Joy!

It did hurt. Like holy hell. But I knew it going in. The worst part was getting up after it was all over...and my butt was completely drenched with sweat. My shorts were SOAKED!
Gross. I'm sure I wasn't the SEXIEST woman to get tattooed there.

painterjoy said...

I can tell you of so many sweaty butt stories. I don't know why, but when it's hot, and I sit down to eat at a restaurant or something I always sweat a big wet spot right through my skirt, shorts, etc. It's worse now with pregnancy.
And yoga class? Oh, God. I have a big, dark crotch blotch every time!

Kate said...

Ohhh, beautiful!

I'm also loving the account of this visit. It makes me realize I need to do more documenting of our trips. The details are what make a trip so great.

Also, ha! I love the butt sweat comments, man, I feel so normal right now!!

dizzle rivera said...

Nice tat! And I love that song. From personal experience, I know that smarted something good right on the foot like that. Way to go.

Kristin said...

I'm glad you can relate to my sweaty butt ladies. I knew I could count on you to make me feel good about it!

Thanks, also, for the compliments on my tattoo! Boy, I love it. I am obesessed. It feels good that others can appreciate it as well. It's for me....but I like knowing that not everyone recoils in horror at the site of it. ( Moms, Dads, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted a picture--I've been dying to see it.

It's bigger than I thought it would be but I still like it. And the quote is awesome, of course.

Hey, wanna pamper that bad boy and go with me to get a pedicure at Mario's? I need a girlie day!!!

Oh, and butt sweat is better than crapping your pants any day of the week. Hands down.