Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's Raise Some Cash!

Hey all! My blog pal Pseudostoops is giving away her hard earned money this week to a few different charities and could use your help! All you have to do is go to her website and comment on that days post and she'll donate an additional $.50 to the charity or organization featured that day on top of the $25 she has already pledged! You don't have to say anything special....you can even type "I am commenting".

Here it is in her words, "This year, instead of one large-ish donation to a favorite organization, I’m going to give several smaller donations to smaller local organizations. These are organizations I know either personally or professionally, that are perhaps not as well-known as some of the bigger charitable causes. All of them are organizations to which I’ve never donated money directly before (though for some, I have donated time)".

On Friday she doesn't have an organization to feature so in your comments each day you can also put a vote in for the organization of your choice and hopefully it will be chosen for a minimum donation of $50!

Let's rally for Pseudostoops and all the folks who will benefit from the donations!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support, dude! You rule!

Kristin said...