Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little hostility.......

You know you're having ISSUES with your hormones when the dog barks at you from the sliding glass door to come in from the freezing cold and you grumble to yourself, "GOD! Why can't the damn dog just quietly ASK to come in? WHY does she INSIST on BARKING SO LOUDLY!!?? Can't she see I'm on FACEBOOK?! JEEEEEZ!"

I'm trying to maintain serenity....I really am.


Anonymous said...

Oh lord I know. TOTALLY.

I still get mad at the cat for NOT TURNING OFF THE FAUCET when she's done drinking from the sink. WTF is THAT?!? And I'm not pregnant anymore.

I gotta say, it will only get worse. Just prepare yourself. And warn me ahead of time :-)

Kate said...

I would like to know why our dog keeps licking herself SO LOUDLY?? Seriously dog, take that into the other room!

painterjoy said...

I'm sure you can maintain serenity. I don't know why dogs can't learn to use their indoor voice.

I am so impatient now that he is on the outside, especially when people are loud or rude. I'm all,"HEY, there's a BABY here, godammit! Drive slower!"

Just wait til then!!!