Monday, April 21, 2008

Uncomfortable silence...


Damn. I knew I should have written down some of my ideas for blog entries.


Well, I'm back. My computers are working. I am able to email and web surf, and blog read, and update. Joy to the world!
Although, it has been nice being away from a computer for a couple of weeks.

Because I don't have much to blog about at the moment, I'll start with 25 Things About Me (in lieu of 100 Things, because that's just nuts).

1) I went to an amazing hippie college in Arizona that I miss everyday..but the entire time I was there my heart ached for home.

2) I was so excited to have babies...and now...I am just scared. Does that mean I am more ready in a twisted f-ed up way?

3) I have run marathons...and now I can barely run around the block. I need to start running again.

4) I love to make lists. I make lists about everything. Right now I have a summer To-Do that is over 20 items long..and I LOVE IT.

5) I enjoying painting. Like, on the walls in the house. I love the trim taping and being meticulous...I have painted 3 nurseries for friends/family to date and I have painted every room in my house. BY MYSELF.

6) My husband. He's kind of an ass. But I love it...because I'm an ass too.

7) But he's also secretly a mushy-mush...and so am I.

8) I am a nurse and I adore the job. There is nothing else I would rather be doing when I am caring for patients at the hospital. Except for maybe caring for patients at a therapeutic camp of some sort in the mountains.

9) I went to hippie college to be an outdoor educator and use the wilderness in a therapeutic and healing way.

10) I always secretly wanted to go to nursing school and would visit the local community college in AZ to get info on the nursing program every couple of months.

11) I have a 16 year old brother. He is the most awesome person in the world.

12) I grew up riding horse competitively. I was the grunt who would muck the stalls and groom other peoples horses at the horse show and then beat those richy-riches when it came time to compete.

13) I worship Martha Stewart and Real Simple magazines.

14) I hate doing laundry. There is a HUGE pile of clothes on the basement floor waiting to be washed. I just step over it.

15) I am a Real World junkie. I have watched every season since the first one in NYC. Yes, I have applied.

16) Also, I tried out for Fear Factor. I didn't make it. I'm not skinny or dumb enough.

17) I love the state of South Dakota. I love the landscape and the people and the wildlife. I would live there if it didn't take me so far away from my family.

18) This is hard

19) I am a picker. I know this is gross...but I love to pick pimples and gross shit like that. I have to bribe my husband to get him to let me "pick" on him.

20) I inherited this picking fetish from my mother.

21) When my husband proposed I told him to "Shut Up!" and I pushed Elaine on Seinfeld.

22) We were engaged on Sanibel Island, FL...his whole family was there and he asked for my Dad's permission before we left on the trip.

23) I drive an orange Honda Element...that car that looks like a giant toaster or roller skate. Lots of people think they are ugly and stupid...but I love my Element and want to keep it forever. Seriously.

24) I secretly wish I had the talent to scrapbook. I just don't have the patience.

25) My second toes are freakishly longer than my big toes. Like weird alien fingers. I'm not even exaggerating.


painterjoy said...

Your list is awesome! I am inspired to do my own now.
I love that you rode horses competitively and ran ,marathons (wow!), and that you don't scrapbook or do laundry! Cool.

Kate said...

I love this!!

Also, #21 made me laugh out loud!

dizzle rivera said...

I love to read these lists. Yours is awesome.

I will do your laundry if you come paint my bedroom. Deal? Deal.

Kristin said...

Joy-I'd LOVE to read your should do it asap!
Kate-thanks for coming back after my long absence! I'm glad my ridiculous behavior gave you a good laugh.
Madness-I'm glad you enjoyed...I am absolutly in on this deal with you!

Anonymous said...

Her toes really ARE jacked.

She painted Theo's nursery and it looks AMAZING.

I did the Elaine thing first, FYI.