Monday, April 28, 2008

Bathing Suit Season Anyone?

In the not-too-distant future it will be very warm here in the Midwest and it'll be time to break out the bathing suit at The Lake where I grew up. There will be lazy days of floating on a raft with my Dad, days of kayaking with my brother or husband, afternoons of paddle boating with my Mom, and Beach Parties with the neighbors in which I will have to wear my bathing suit. Also, there will be days at the-in-laws neighborhood pool with my skinny Mother & Sister-in-law. Like size 4 skinny. They are the two sweetest women..but I seriously want to DIE when surrounded by the two of them on a hot day in minimal clothing. And my MIL is over 60....and she has a rockin' bod...totally natural. WTF??!!

This is way I have joined these ladies. I was so inspired when I read about Kelly and her quest to get bathing suit ready in 8 weeks and POST THE RESULTS ON HER BLOG. Granted...Kelly IS a former contestant for the Miss America title and they BOTH have less weight to lose than I do..but whatever, why NOT throw caution into the wind? So, Yes. I have agreed to join these women in posting a picture of MYSELF IN MY BATHING SUIT. HERE. ON THIS BLOG. FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. IN 8 WEEKS.

This should totally freak me out....but I am strangely calm. Like, suddenly my body has the power to morph into one of these ladies by June 23rd (the day of the dastardly deed):

Maybe if I just say, "Go-Go-Gadget-Sexy-Bathing-Suit-Bod!!" really fast it'll happen for me?


painterjoy said...

First of all you are way hotter than the girl in the swimsuit because you got you some sexy curves (and a stunning, beautiful face). Curves, which she is desperately lacking. No offense to her - I am sure she is a lovely person, but why did they airbrush out any hint that she possesses a pelvis? And I bet your sweet size 4 relatives would kill for some of your sexy curves.
I think all women should show themselves in a bathing suit in June, just so every woman can see that 99 percent of us do not look like the girl in the picture. Wouldn't that be awesome? If everyone would get used to looking at natural bodies?
And you are so brave and authentic for doing this. Maybe you feel calm because you know you can be healthy and you already are beautiful.

Kate said...

Wow. This is so awesome and you are so brave.

Also, I couldn't agree more with paintrly - it would be so awesome if every women did this, if we could for once look at normal bodies instead of these stick skiny models that have no muscle or curves.

Anyway, kudos to you!