Friday, April 25, 2008

Back In The Saddle!

I've been working my ass of lately.
Well, not literally.
And the PROBLEM.

With my days being consumed by long hours on my feet nursing..I find myself so pooped when I get home at 4pm I can barely function. The other day I had a beer and passed out on my hammock like a drunken sailor A) because I was so tired B) because I never drink anymore so the beer got me DRUNK and C)the sun drained all the life out of me and I was rendered useless in the hammock for the remainder of the afternoon!

With this new schedule I have really gotten out of my awesome and newly formed work out routine. So in the last two weeks I have been trying to get outside and do cardio 3-5 times per week. Mostly 3 times per week to be honest. I feel like I am finally starting to adjust and I'm being left with a smidge more life to carry out a workout at the end of my day. Today's workout was 30 minutes at the forest preserve doing interval training; 3 minutes walking, 1 minute running, and 1 minute of resistance training with my resistance band and a tree. Sativa, our dog, thought that I was schizophrenic as I changed our speed and started whipping around a giant rubber band every couple of minutes. I'd have to say she was pretty disgusted with me by the end.

So, today is the day of new beginnings and the day when I get back in the saddle and start actively working towards my weight loss goal again. I think I'm going to post my weight in the next week...but not today. I'm just not in the mood for that. :-)

And let me just say, for the thousandth time, I LOVE being a nurse. Everyday is a new adventure..and everyday is scary and exhilarating at the same time. I am learning so much and I work with my friends who have supported me through 6 years of school and life...and now they support me and lift me up as a nurse. It's so great....I wouldn't do anything else with my life and that feels so damn good.


painterjoy said...

Ha, ha, ha! I love the image of your doggie looking at you in frustration and disbelief as you change your pace every 2 minutes.
And you obviously needed a drunken hammock nap. Good for you! I want one of those, now.

To hear your love of your work makes me so happy. I hear stories from folks who hate their work, or even stories of sick folks who met uncaring medical professionals, but I remind myself that most of all there are kind people like you who make the world a better place!

Kristin said...

Thanks Joy!

I think the medical profession gets a bad rap..however I do know that there are individuals who are wotking in this indiustry who simply do not enjoy what they are doing.

Being a nurse or a caregiver of ANY TYPE is not a job to do for the money. If you hate the job than you are doing a real diservice to your patients and have a negative effect everyone you work with.

Kate said...

It must be that time of the beginning of this month I was really slacking on my workouts too. Within the past week or so I've been trying to step it up again and its amazing how much better I feel, physically and mentally, when I exercise at least 3x a week.

Here's to new beginnings in work out goals!

Oh, also, I got a laugh out of Sativa and her confusion by your speed up, slow down, whip a giant rubber band around. Maia would have reacted the same way! What are you doing woman? Can't you see we are here to run?

Kristin said...

I'm glad you found my visual to be humorous. I actually laughed a little when I read it back to myself.

I'm glad that you understand my situation...and I agree...HERE'S TO NEW BEGINNINGS AND WORKOUT GOALS! Cheers to that!

Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh today... Sativa would get pissed off at you. At least it wasn't Suzy. I CAN'T wait to see you in a couple weeks!