Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things I Have Been Enjoying Lately

1) Living at my in-laws house while they are away for the Winter at their home in Florida. It's MUCH bigger than ours, has a fancy-schmancy kitchen with a big copper hood, a farm house sink, a giagantor viking stove, a fireplace, a huge shower with 75 sprayers, and is literally 5 minutes from the hospital and 10 minutes from Trevors workplace.

2) Oh yeah, and it's within WALKING distance to yoga. Holy Moly. So awesome.

3) Being a friggin NURSE! I love nursing! I love it, I love it, I love it! I have worked in health care for 6 years now as a "tech" (nurses assistant) and a unit secretary. I have always enjoyed my job, but now I am in LOVE. I love the hospital I work for, I love the small community setting, I love that it is growing and is always striving to improve. I love the $$$. I make 3x what I used to make with the hourly pay increase as well as the increase in hours/week I work.

4) Not being in school. Every time I get a moment to relax...I feel guilty and anxious for a little while. When I recognize these feelings and ask myself "Why?" I realize it's because I think I should be STUDYING! I'm all frantic thinking there's some approaching test or performance exam. But really there's nothing. Nothing.

5) Spending time with Trevor. We have been apart 3 nights a week (3 days straight actually because of his daytime work schedule and my evening work schedule) for the last 3 years. Every night we get to hang out. Also, now that I get to see him everyday, I don't feel guilty or sad when I make plans with friends because I know I'll have plenty of time with him.

6) The new "My Starbucks Idea" website. I was a Starbucks barista 10 years ago. This makes me understanding of their jobs and also a little bit of an asshole when my simple drink request gets f-ed up EVERY TIME I ORDER ONE OF THEIR $5 DRINKS. This website has allowed me to vent about my Starbucks frustrations to someone other than my cousin Katie...also a former Starbucks Barista, as well as make me feel as though these frustrations are being heard by the Starbucks "Man".

That's pretty much it right now! I know that's a lot to be thankful for and enjoy...I'm just settling into my new schedule and life. It is certainly taking some adjustments...but all is good.

How about you? How have you been? What have you been enjoying lately?


Anonymous said...

I had that same feeling when I finished grad school- every time I wasn't doing something productive, I would feel these pangs of guilt, until I realized- I'm not supposed to be doing something else! I can relax now! Whee!

Anonymous said...

Totally understand feeling guilty for not having to study -- when I finsihed grad school I was going crazy thinking I was forgetting to do something, I even had dreams that I forgot I was enrolled in a class and had to do a whole term's worth of work in one day. BUT, lately, I'm enjoying spending time with my 1 week old baby and my hubby :-)

painterjoy said...

I am also enjoying time with my husband. He is on a hiatus from work, and I am enjoying being an incubator.
Working on the baby registry and wading through the thousands of options in baby stuff out there. That's enjoyable, but tiring. Always, enjoying yoga!

I hope your guilt soon turn to a feeling of deserving. Nurturing yourself is not just a gift, but so necessary for health. Enjoy your time to yourself!

Kate said...

This morning I enjoyed a Chai Tea Latte (that was amazing!!) and I thought of you because I remembered you talking about an Earl Grey Latte (I think...do I have that right?) that was to die for. This was my first Tea Latte and I think I'm hooked :)

I've also been enjoying taking the puppy to the dog park. It is so nice to get outside.

So glad to hear you are taking some time to relax!

Kristin said...

I'm glad to see you can all relater...and that you enjoying life..having babies (squeee!), growing babies, frolicing at the dog park, and sipping on the sweet joy of Chai tea..one of my favs!

Thanks for visiting girls!

Kristin said...

Also, Joy, you know how to slow me down and bring me back to earth with your encouraging comments. Thank you!