Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tearing up the Joint & Joints.

Last weekend Husband & I went to Devils Head Ski Resort in Wisconsin. We met up with some good friends from the past, Graham & his wife Meghan. Graham and Husband grew up skiing together on the local ski hills in IL and WI, earning their stripes trying new tricks, taking big jumps, and breaking bones through grade school and high school. Trevor remembers landing his first "heli" at Alpine Valley in WI while skiing with Graham. Then they went off to college and Trevor trekked his way out to Durango, CO where he honed his skills and Graham made sure to get out on the mountain as well, so as not to get rusty. Needless to say, their notorious dare-devil pasts flaired up when they slipped on their gear. Getting these two thirty-somthings out on the mountain together last weekend was...PURE. INSANITY. I am not even beginning to exagerrate when I say that they both were ripping up the joint....landing helis...taking huge jumps and landing them....sometimes with a thud and a moan...but actually pulling off some serious s**t! As a wife...I must say it was rather HOT watching my husband display some mad skills on those ski's. It was a weekend to remember...a great weekend spent outdoors in the snow with friends. Classic.

Below you will find a photo I took in the hotel room after a full day of body wrenching entertainment. Husband could not move from that position for the rest of the night and for the next few days he supplemented his diet with many milligrams of Advil. Please forgive the profane hand gestures....he was little cantankerous.

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