Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Trevor and I are in the city watching our almost-6 month old godson. His mom, dad, and sister are at a water park in Lake Geneva for the weekend.

We are here with Godson who is currently teething...has just started to recognize mom and dad-so he has a great new feeling called *seperation anxiety*...has horrific gas...and hasn't pooped yet today (that we know of). As a result of all of the above our normally jolly little nephew is in a foul and pissed off mood....and has been fussing all day. At 6pm I gave him a bottle which usually causes him to pass out. NOT TONIGHT. The moment I took the bottle out of his mouth and put the pacifier in, he began to SCREAM BLOODY MURDER. We had literally done everything we knew how to do...and nothing was working.

An hour later...he has finally exhausted himself and his sleeping...but not before we made two emergency-holy-crap-what-do-we-do-now calls to nephews mother and grandmother and Trevor has decieded that he will be going in to the ER for an emergency vasectomy. Those were his very words. *sigh*


Kate said...

Oh, we’ve had babysitting experiences Just. Like. This. One time our niece (technically 2nd cousin, but niece is so much easier to say) was missing mom and dad and started uncontrollably sobbing because I cut her apple the wrong way. When we finally got her and her brother down to sleep Collin & I felt like we’d been through world war III. Hope the rest of the night goes better!

samantha Jo Campen said...

I'm sorry but that made me laugh.

Kristin C. said...

Kate- I'm glad you can was a little rough...but we made it through. I think Trevor might change his mind about the ER visit.

Sam...I'm glad I can amuse you :-) Soon enough you'll have your own little trouble maker screaming his ass of in your ear for HOURS. Then we'll see how much you laugh :-) Muuuha hah ahhaaa!