Monday, February 25, 2008

Tomorrow is scaring the crap out of me.

Tomorrow morning at 8am....I am taking the biggest test of my life. The NCLEX exam. I graduated from nursing school this past December and have been studying for this day since the beginning of January after giving myself a much needed and deserved break for the Holiday season. The NCLEX exam is what determines whether or not I get my sate license and become a Registered Nurse. I know my profile says "RN"..but really I'm a "licence pending nurse" was just easier at the time.

This test is friggin' hard. It's 75 to 265 questions and can take up to 6 hours depending on how many questions you are given. Studying for this has been so hard for me...I have never been a great student. School has always been a challenge for me and this is no different. Sometimes the questions on the practice tests make me laugh out loud because they are so ridiculously difficult. I think...REALLY!? I'm supposed to know this? Because...the school I graduated from didn't think I needed to know this. Seriously...I feel so under prepared by the college I attended...I could scream. I go. Tomorrow I take the test and within 48 hours I get my results. In less than 72hours I'll know if I'm an RN...or if I have to study for 45 more days and take the exam again.

Please...send me some prayers...or good mojo...or vibes...whatever you like to call it...just send it to me. I think I'll need it.



samantha Jo Campen said...

I've been thinking about you since I woke up. Just remember, you were nervous about your clinicals and you did great there.

Call me right when you're done, before you start drinking :-)


madness rivera said...

Oh my gosh, girl. Are you taking this right this minute. Knock it out!

Kristin C. said...

Thanks for thE words of encouragement Sam and Madness. I am still totally spazzing out. I'll update when I know!