Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weigh In- Week 3


Current Weight: 183
Pounds lost this week: .9 lb
Pounds to Goal Weight (150): 33.1
Total Weight Loss: 3.9 lbs (12 ish sticks of butter)

I totally know this post is late. I did weigh myself on Sunday though...and you've just seen the results above. I lost .9lb...so almost one more! The great thing is that with The Best Life Diet slowly easing me into my "diet" and taking yoga classes...I've not even felt inconvienanced or pained by this process. Normally working out at the gym is something I enjoy for the first month or two...and then I start to hate it. I get bored (even though I am well versed at switching things up) and I get tired of being inside the gym 5 days a week for 2-3 hours.

I feel yoga is definitly a workout but I wanted to see if I had accurately assessed the amount of work I do in class, so I went to this page and calculated with my weight and the amount of time I am actively doing yoga and I found I burn 583 calories in one class! At 5 days per week that is a LOT of calorie burning! With that I am starting to see & feel changes in my body after one month of yoga (1 & 1/2 hours per day 4-6 days per week).
My "core" is stronger, my arms & legs are stronger and more toned..and I have more energy!
This last Sunday I went to the Level 2 class (most difficult at my studio), just figuring I could change things up if I needed the poses to be easier...but I loved it! There was 20 mintues of meditation in the begininng that really gave me a run for my money, mentally. All I wanted to do after about 8 minutes was jump up a hoot & holler like a little kid! There were also some more challenging poses that I don't typically get to work on in My Level 1-2 class. I actually held the crow pose for a few breaths...and normally I can only do this pose with my head on the ground, making me into a tripod!

Today I signed up for a second month of unlimited yoga and feel so excited for the physical and mental changes to come. The great thing about yoga is that I am not focused on my body and its flaws...I am focused on my spirit and the STRENGTH of my body. I feel better about my body now than I did when I was 30lbs lighter.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I'm SO proud of you! And you HAVE to show me the tripod-thing when you come over. Color me impressed.

esp said...

Crow pose is awesome! Congrats on getting it!

You photos of your yoga studio are gorgeous. It must be a wonderful place to practice.

painterjoy said...

Wow! To be able to do crow pose after just starting yoga is truly amazing, and shows just how dedicated you are.
I know what you mean, too. Even when I was running and crosstraining I never felt as strong as when I started yoga. And I weighed less then!

YAHPR said...

I'm impressed! And to do the crow pose even for a few breaths... well, you definitely deserve a BIG pat on the back for that. I'd fall over and break my nose!

Kristin said...

Ladies, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and suppport. Honestly...it really helps knowing your checking in on me and my progress.

Samantha...I PROMISE I'll bust out the crowe pose when I come over :-)

Kate said...

Wow, reading this makes me really want to take a yoga class. I've only done dvd's at home and although I like those, it seems like I would be more challenged in a class. Hmmmm, you've got me thinking.....