Monday, February 18, 2008

Weigh In-Week 4


Current Weight: 183
Pounds lost this week: 0 lb
Pounds to Goal Weight (150): 33.1
Total Weight Loss: 3.9 lbs ( still 12 ish sticks of butter)

So this week I am experiancing "lady troubles", if you catch my drift. This means that I did not loose weight...and this has always been the case for weight loss during the "lady week" (FYI, i don't normally call it this....but I'm new to blogging..and I don't want frighten you with TMI). Anyhow. I credit not gaining weight during this week to adding 2 days of cardiovascular excersise: 30 minutes of elliptical or treadmill at high intensity.
I know I need to keep up with cardio because yoga, while getting the heart rate up, doesn't seem like *enough* work for the ticker each week. I've tried to read up on this subject, but haven't found much out there as far as yoga vs. cardiovascular and/or weight training.
The only problem is...I'm all blissed out on yoga and now feel that the gym is a dirty, stinky, rathole in comparisson to my gloriously peaceful yoga studio. I would be so much happier if I could be outside...running, biking, walking, swimming....ANYTHING other than moving on a little conveyor belt or wildly pedaling my feet in an "elliptical formation" for 30 minutes.


I think I might be ready for Spring.


painterjoy said...

I feel exactly the same way about yoga vs gym. I am very lucky to live in S California and can go powerwalking or hiking anytime. I have been maintaining a good weight with doing those things. Yoga 4-5 times a week and jogging/hiking/powerwalking 3 times a week. Yoga is the best way to strengthen and densify(not a real word) muscles. And it's the muscle that burns the fat. I had been doing aerobics tapes and weightraining tapes before yoga, and I lost more weight when I started yoga. So don't worry, you are doing great! And I am a firm believer that exercise should make you happy, not be a chore.
When I lived in Connecticut, I found some nice quiet roads to jog in the winter. I would just wear a hat and gloves and a couple of layers. So hopefully you can find a good area, bundle up and hit the roads! Much more fun than a treadmill!
Love your blog! Speak your mind, be yourself. It's okay to say menstrual!

Kristin said...

Yeah. You're right. I just need to bundle my ass up and go outside. I also notice that my muscles are densifying (great fake word BTW!) and elongating. Such a great change in my body..I am loving it! Thanks for the encouragement and praise!


Marie Green said...

I hate the treadmill too... but what choice do we have, really? It was -50 here last night, with wind chill. No amount of bundling is going to make that bearable. And even when it's not *quite* that cold, it still has to be, say, 35 or higher for me to "enjoy" being outside. So I hate the treadmill, but I hate frostbite even more!

Also, I think I'm going to add some yoga into my routine... since you won't stop influencing me! ;)