Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marc Jacobs & Emotional Eating

Laa-deee-da. Just waiting around. Just anxiously waiting to learn the results.

Life as I knew it is at a standstill. That means, no yoga or aerobic activity and a boat load of food down my pie-hole in an effort to drown out the bad feelings. Yep. You said it. I'm an emotional eater. When the going gets tough...the food gets eaten. The good thing is, since I am "on a diet" there isn't a whole lot of bad stuff in the house. So pigging out means a Caramel Brownie Luna Bar (to DIE for BTW) and a chocolate covered banana. However, I was recently released from my home this past weekend to the city where I wrassled a screaming 6 month old...and if that doesn't make you want to eat a bag of kettle corn and 10 Oreos, I don't know what does. That's why there is no weigh in this week as I'm not sure how well I would fair weight gain and the 4 lbs I've lost is easy as hell to gain back in a week, for me at least. So, next Monday we'll see what the damage is.

Back to the hell of waiting. I have been stalking the website where I can find out my results because I was told that there is a chance I could see them TONIGHT, which to me is *OMG ANY MINUTE NOW IT COULD SHOW UP! CHECK THE SITE! CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!*

It is so nice out and I know I would be way better off romping in the snow with the huskie for an hour....but I can't seem to muster up the's all being used on eating oatmeal and watching documentaries about Marc Jacobs and stalking websites and SHOWERING for work. God forbid I actually accomplish something today. Sheesh.


samantha Jo Campen said...

I'm eating with you. But at least you have some sort of aerobic outlet (i.e. WALKING AROUND) to burn a few calories. My pregnant ass is getting bigger by the hour because I lay here and eat. And I'm NOT noshing on Luna bars, that's for damn sure. How about Pirate's Booty and brownies? Yes please, I'd like some more.

I'm saying this in hopes of making you feel a little bit better.

When you comin' over??!?! Besides Saturday after the shower? :-)

Kristin C. said...

dude. I'll laugh when you have a fat ass! That'll be a first!


You know I love you.