Monday, February 4, 2008

Weigh In - Week 2

I am back from my weekend warrior adventure...during which I kind of ate like a wild animal...because we were on vacation, you know how it is. Despite me stuffing my face with all things delicious, I still managed to lose another pound, which equals 4 sticks of that's a lot in my book!


Current Weight: 183.9
Pounds lost this week: 1 lb
Pounds to Goal Weight (150): 34
Total Weight Loss: 3 lbs (12 sticks of butter)


YAHPR said...

Wahoo!!! Great job! Losing weight on a vacation week is never easy! Woot! Woot!

Kristin said...

Thanks Dawn! I now have to find it in me to leave the house in this snowy insanity to go to the gym. Grrrh.

Anonymous said...

Great Going! I just read that every 2.2 lbs lost will lower blood pressure 1 mmhg.

Kate said...

Great job!! Wow, when you put it in terms of butter that's a real eye opener.

painterjoy said...

I too, am obsessed with yoga! It is a life-changer. Thank you for your blog. I am rooting for you! I have always struggled with weight and eating issues, so I know how hard this is.
I love the yoga quotes. Where do you find them?

Kristin said...

Thanks for visiting Paintrly! I'm glad you can relate to me newfound, undying love for well as my daily struggle to find a healthy balance with my weight. The quotes are from my instructor, Marlene, at Nirvana Yoga here in IL. You can see the studios website on the first page of mt blog. I hope you visit again!